We are called to follow the footsteps of Christ – Fr. Tim Jusayan, O.Carm.

Fifteen brothers recently renewed their vows to the Order of Carmelites in a simple celebration on the feastday of Saints Joachim and Anne, parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary and protector of the Order.

In his homily, Carmelite prior provincial, the Most Reverend Fr. Artemio Jusayan, O.Carm., reminded the brothers that they are not merely making their public vow of the evangelical counsels of obedience, chastity, and poverty to the Order, but that they are making their vow to God.

He said that in professing the vows, the brothers demonstrated that they want to embrace God’s commandment for them and to purify our intentions everyday.

He said that as Carmelites, the goal is to follow the footsteps of Christ and to continue the work of Christ in changing the face of the world.

“Our constitution is clear about the values that we should imbibe so that we become genuine servants of God, to be true messengers of the Lord,” he said.

“We cannot embrace the vows that we have if we do not have an intimate relationship with God and being contemplatives we are able to understand God’s will for us,” he added.

“We are always challenged to surrender ourselves to him so that we would be able to embrace obedience, chastity, and poverty,” he said. “Everyday we are given the opportunity to deepen our vows, to continue to contemplate so that we would be able to truly embrace them and be able to follow the footsteps of Christ.”

“We are promising to God,” he concluded.

The brothers who renewed their vows are March Jozsef Lester G. Hallig, O.Carm., Oscar A. Robles, Jr., O.Carm., Eduardo O. Adolfo, Jr., O.Carm., Christopher F. Labrador, O.Carm., John Jeempy T. Sebuguero, O.Carm., Vincent V. Sumanting, O.Carm., Mechael C. Tating, Jr., O.Carm., Jade C. Gerona, O.Carm., Romualdo L. Delos Reyes, Jr., O.Carm., Marjune R. Caloring, O.Carm., Jaymar M. Falcasantos, O.Carm., Rolando F. Mamites, O.Carm., Kim Paul M. Escobal., O.Carm., Flor Vincent V. Taoc, O.Carm., and Rio Mar S. Sindac, O.Carm. (Text and photos by Br. Ritche T. Salgado, O.Carm.)