Renewal of vows and installation to the Acolytate and Lectorate ministries


Five brothers renewed their vows to the Order of Carmelites last May 10, 2019 before the Philippine prior provincial, the Very Rev. Artemio Jusayan, O.Carm., at Titus Brandsma Center.

In his message to the brothers, Fr. Marlon Beredo, prior of the Manila Formation Community, reminded them that in formation the struggle is real, but at the same time, he said that Christ is real, alluding to the help that Christ would offer to the brothers in their journey in Carmel.

Renewed were Br. Ritche Salgado, O.Carm. of Negros Oriental, Br. Vinson Luayon O.Carm. of Davao City, Br. Joiezl Fern Pinon, O.Carm. of Leyte, Br. Paul Pakao Kaptain of Papua New Guinea, and Br. Leo Nebril of Iloilo.

In the same activity, five brothers together with three seminarians from the Diocese of Sorsogon were installed to the Acolytate Ministry. They are Br. Lester Hallig, O.Carm., Br. Oscar Robles, Jr., O.Carm., Br. Eduardo Adolfo, Jr., O.Carm., Br. John Jeempy Sebuguero, O.Carm., Br. Johnie Rebosquillo, O.Carm., Sem. Eli Dingalan, Sem. Michael John Federoso, and Sem. Cavin Lumberio.

Ten brothers were also installed to the Lectorate Ministry, namely: Br. Rolando Mamites, O.Carm., Br. Rio Mar Sindac, O.Carm., Br. Vincent Sumanting, O.Carm., Br. Flor Vincent Taoc, O.Carm., Br. Kim Paul Escobal, O.Carm., Br. Marjune Caloring, O.Carm., Br. Mechael Tating, O.Carm., Br. Romualdo de los Reyes, Jr., O.Carm., Br. Jade Gerona, O.Carm., and Br. Jaymar Falcasantos, O.Carm.  (Text and photo by Br. Ritche Salgado, O.Carm.)