Fight against today’s Baal – Fr. Tim Jusayan, O.Carm.

“We are in the school of prophets, we have to fight against the Baal in ourselves,” this was the message of Carmelite prior provincial, the Very Reverend Fr. Artemio Jusayan, O.Carm., in his homily during the Feast of Prophet Elijah, July 20, at the Titus Brandsma Center in Quezon City.

            Referring to Article 26 of the Carmelite Constitution, which talks about the role of Prophet Elijah in the Order, Fr. Jusayan said that as Carmelites we have to be people of the desert, not forgetting that God is with us.

            “The Baalism of today is when people have forgotten the image of God and to be with the poor. This is our challenge today,” he said.

            “God calls us to be instruments in our world today because God is a living God who is living with us,” he added.

            The mass concluded with the induction of the new set of officers of the Prophet Elijah Student Friary community, led by its new coordinator, Br. Mechael Tating, O.Carm. (By Br. Ritche Salgado, O.Carm.)